Saturday, 13 August 2016

Thoughts You Have Before Results Day

The summer is slowly drawing to a close, back to school ads are on TV and I need to get a move on with my 6th form uniform shopping. Ugh, school is just around the corner again ... but there's one thing we also have to get before it starts... exam results. I've got my GCSE results coming in on the 25th and the week before it's the A/AS Level results for those in the years above me. I've been going through the motions in terms of my attitude towards this day so I thought I'd do one of those fun "thoughts you have" to try and make the day seem less scary in my head. 


You're so ready for these results, you've been waiting since mid-June and as soon as they're in, you can start focusing on the next thing. You're just super keen to get the day out the way, it will be fine... right?

Well actually, if these results do come, it means you'll actually have to find out what you got in all those individual subjects. This means actually knowing what grade you got in Biology and Maths, you won't be able to un-know that. Um, I'd rather live in peaceful ignorance like I have this whole summer, thanks!

It'll be FINE. Remember you felt really good about most of your exams afterwards, you were so happy after Physics, or was that just because you didn't have to do any of it again?

Oh my god, do you remember all those times you got out of the exam and everyone got a different answer to you? That was awful. you bet you've made so many mistakes, you can't even remember what you said for that question everyone was talking about on Twitter afterwards. Where were those drunk rats everyone was going on about? Did you miss a page? It was almost two months ago, you can't remember how you felt after most of your exams. That means it was probably awful right? 

Hang on, coursework is included in your final grade too, at least you know what you got in that so it's not going to be that bad ... apart from those subjects where coursework is 5%.... yikes... Seriously you did your speaking and listening assessment on Hamilton, what if they change their mind about the mark? (true story I actually did my coursework on LMM's masterpiece - full marks so thanks Lin!)

Okay what's the worst that can possibly happen though? .... Oh actually let's not go down that rabbit hole...

You know, you did work really hard for those exams... and you did fine in your mocks... maybe it won't be that bad?

Remember all those hours you spent making notes and reading those notes and drinking tea and quizzing your self... it can't all have been to waste, right? You're going to do really well. 

Either way, these exam results aren't the be all and end all of your education. Some of the most successful people in history weren't suited to the exam system of testing so you'll be fine no matter what the results are. 

Who needs A stars when you can have Magic Stars, am I right ladies?


I hope you enjoyed this post and could relate to it somehow! Please let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future.

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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  1. ahhhh Magic stars win ALWAYS <3 Good luck with your results and sixth form- you are absolutely going to love it Hattie! In Scotland our results came out last week and I did wayy better than I thought! I can't say I envy you going back to school at all but it's your last year so I hope you enjoy it :)



    1. I'm so glad your results went well, congratulations! Thank you so much <3

  2. you captured my thought process perfectly!! WAS IT JUST ME OR WAS THAT ADD MATHS DELIBERATELY HORRIFYING

    1. Aww thanks, wrote it with our school in mind! It was awful and I still can't believe it was so different to the past papers!

  3. Urgh the feeling is indescribable. I myself have finished my Singapore-Cambridge A-levels already so I completely feel ya. It's definitely not a pleasant one, I've had many MANY nightmares following up to results day of like flunking everything. But hey, keep your head up and trust that you did your best and worked your hardest. Turned out pretty good for me, and I'm sure you'll be too :) Good luck!


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